Linkbuilding Seats and Sofas

Seats and Sofas is the European specialist in seating furniture. Thanks to the unique Giant Take Away formula, you do not always have to wait for weeks on your new couch, but you can take it directly from stock.


The challenge was to optimize the website for some highly competitive keywords. These keywords were not in the top 5 of Google. The search volume on these keywords together are tens of thousands of searches per month.



The solution was clear, but not simple. We had to gather high authority links from a variety of related websites. We had to push keywords starting to climb to number 1 positions. To prove we were the right SEO agency, we had to come up with some nice results. After setting some clear goals we got to work. Our intention was to show Seats and Sofas within 2 or 3 months we were the right partner for their SEO campaign.


The first top 3 positions were realized after 2 months off page optimization. Currently, the campaign is ongoing and improvements in the search engine result pages are improving month over month. The seats and sofas campaign is still one of our examples when it comes to going straight for the target. A brilliant piece of no-nonsense off page optimization. Want to rank top 3 in Google on keywords with over 27.000 searches? just contact us.


Top 3 positions reached for Seats and Sofas:

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