SEO Advocaat Dolderman

Vincent Dolderman studied Dutch law at the University of Utrecht. After an (shortened) course at the KMA he worked for three years as an officer-lawyer at the Royal Netherlands Army.


The previous SEO agency had been writing hundreds of pages about an enormous amount of keywords. Although the website was pretty well structured and the pages contained lots of words, the conversion was not high enough yet. During the optimization campaign, we had to make a new website. We came up with the idea to shorten the URL from to


After restructuring the page a bit and focussing the user attention on the conversion elements it was time to gather all the important keywords and pages and create the campaign.


Some focus keywords were needed at the start, but after every number one position, there were several new keywords waiting to be optimized. The change of domain with hundreds of pages to redirect was quite the work. Luckily thanks to good implementation, positions


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