SEO for Telemarketing Companies

As a B2B telemarketing agency, we deliver top performance to achieve maximum return on your intended goal. This requires not only specific skills and insight, but also a lot of perseverance.


When the CEO Barry van den Berg from Binnen called us for the first time, he wanted to increase the amount of traffic to the website. Next, he wanted to know who was visiting his website in order to follow up his website visitors with telemarketing. After reaching number 1 positions in Google his desire was to convert potential clients visiting his website into leads. The website suffered from misdirection at that time and the lack of content gave no reason to come back after the first visit. It’s unoptimized architecture resulted in a lack of conversions and poor search engine visibility. Potential revenue was lost every single day.



After a full SEO audit, the keyword research was done and the website was enriched with new content. We changed the whole design and optimized the pages with around 500 words containing keywords and keyword phrases for that were important for new business. After the on-page optimization, the off page optimization started. Gaining positions in the search engine month over month. With local SEO the website now ranks number 1 in The Hague, which is the 3rd biggest city in The Netherlands. In addition to the SEO services, we do search engine advertising, set up conversion tracking and did some A/B testing with several landing pages.



Nowadays, Binnen Verkoop Ondersteuning is the number one B2B telemarketing company in The Netherlands. Their search engine positions are stronger than any other company in the area. In combination with AdWords, the website is now generating several new leads each week.


  • 400% more indexed pages
  • 1000% search engine traffic growth between 2013-2018
  • 1% more conversion after A/B testing
  • #1 position on main keyword b2b telemarketing
  • #1 position local search: telemarketing Den Haag


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